Orchid Villas Doon is located in the pristine Dehradun valley near sahastradhara at the foothills of the famous hill station Mussoorie in Dehradun.

Located on the banks of River Tons whose soothing sound is comforting and music to the ear. With mountains on one side and a river on the other it is indeed a heavenly setting.

Rishikesh has earned the title of the river rafting capital of India. It’s one of the favorite destinations of every adventure enthusiast and rafting down the mighty Ganges is every adventure seekers dream come true. You don’t have to know swimming, and no prior white water rafting experience is necessary.

From beginners to advanced level, Ganga has a trip for all, and if you still have guts to challenge the mighty ganges. Along with river rafting you can enjoy camping on secluded beaches, bon fire and water activities like cliff jumping and body surfing.

During the day you can dip your feet in the river and in the evening you can sit out and have a breath taking view of Rishikesh. The fresh air and nature all around will add a few years to your lifetime. Thus the caption “At home with nature”

We can also arrange outdoor games and activities like picnic, trekking, river rafting, trip to Rajaji National Park, to name a few.

trackingTracking is becoming popular among the tourists. Travel to mountaineous hill stations, these mountains signify not only the natural beauty but also a source of spiritual guidance.

Trekking gained popularity due to religion. The loftiness and beauty of the Himalayas made our forefathers believe that if there is any place where gods can reside, it is the Himalayas.

This led to the establishment of many religious centers in the hills, the result of which is that even today thousands of devotees cross various hurdles to reach these places and most of these locations have some or the other legend associated to it, thre is always some amount of trek involved in reaching these destinations.