Orchid Villas Doon is a place with so many great things to do indoor, that it seems to have to stay inside, but there can be days where the risk of rain, or just a hankering after a bit of aircon after a couple of hot days on villas can mean that indoor activities for kids are what you want.

Playing Carrom in the Orchid Villas is one of the finest ways, Orchid Villas Doon  is truly the perfect backdrop for a relaxing hack, The indoor activities like carrom, Chess, Playing Cards, Uno can only be enjoyed during the day, which is a bit of a damper as the artificial lighting in the recreation area is very excellent. You can enjoy a hack across a variety of landscapes within the forest, beautiful coastlines to magical woodlands. Keep an eye out to make sure you can spot the incredible indoor activities.

Luckily Orchid is increasingly well served with a number of great indoor activities for children, both modern and more traditional, so here are our ideas for the Best Things to do with Kids in Orchid when it rains.

If you are after some modern indoor activities for all ages of kids , Orchid Villas Doon is probably the best place to head with a single building housing the “Bounce” trampoline park and the “Strike” bowling alleys, and the “Orchid House” indoor play area for younger kids.